BDC - A Brief History

Brian David CraneBrian David Crane is a serial entrepreneur, technology investor, student of human nature, and product nut. He invests in and helps bring to market people & companies he personally believes in.

Raised in East Tennessee, Brian got an early entrepreneurial start at the age of 12. He launched his first business, the world famous Brian's Windridge Lawn Care, with a rake, mower and dream after his Dad showed up with a red Snapper riding lawn mower in the back of the family minivan instead of the yellow GT mountain bike that Brian craved.

At 16, tired of aloe & sunburns, Brian stopped cutting grass and started recycling printer cartridges when he co-founded the recycling company Cash4Cartridges USA.  He grew the company throughout his years at the University of Tennessee, and then sold it shortly after returning from living a year abroad in Argentina.

After college, Brian moved to Silicon Valley to be part of the original Leadership Team at Inflection. Thanks to several amazing mentors there, he learned how to build web properties and grow them by profitably acquiring customers. 

Brian was an executive at, which was started by Inflection and bought by for $100 million in cash three years later. He went on to help launch three other multi-million dollar web sites, the most notable of which is, now one of the nation's largest online ammo retailers.

Currently, Brian is focused on, a revolutionary free app that solves the iPhone's caller ID problem by helping users across America band together to outsmart unknown and unwanted callers. From atop his treadmill desk, Brian heads up a worldwide team of folks spread across 3 continents and more time zones than he can count.

Personally, when he's not zipping around cars on his Piaggio (Italian for macho scooter), or tripping over shins playing soccer, you'll find Brian reading on his Kindle. Other activities Brian loves are Afro-Caribbean dancing, yin yoga, new foods, Finnish saunas, road trips, and international travel. Brian's passport is chock full of stamps from almost 40 countries and (mostly bad) dance moves from countless others.

Adventure also beckons to Brian. With the help of his mates, he likes to face his fears and overcome challenges. To conquer his fear of heights, he recently jumped off a 450 ft. canyon swing in New Zealand. To challenge his body, he completed a 9 mile Super Spartan obstacle course race in the desert outside Las Vegas.

Brian works on self-improvement both physically and spiritually. Thanks to the influence of several friends who eat (but don't act) like cavemen, he's adopted a healthier lifestyle with more natural foods and exercise to partner with his daily meditation practice.

Inspired to make our world a better place, Brian loves to connect & collaborate with talented people all over the globe.